10/6/17:  For the third time, we put on a "Coon Hunting Birthday Party" for one of our local youths.  We had around 10 youth hunters and about as many parents.  Everyone had a blast.  The birthday boy went home with a coon tail (picture on the left) and everyone got a class on the Garmin system (picture on the right).  Thank you Mr. Blackburn for the help in making this happen again this year!

Once again, the ABTCHA did an outstanding job putting on Black and Tan Days 2018. This was our 3rd trip to Black and Tan Days.  For us, its a 30 hr/1800 + mile trip, and we have the best time each year.  This year, Justin was awarded 2nd place in the Youth Endowed Scholarship Bench Show, as well as, the Horizon Award. We would like to say Thank You to the Association for these honors, and again to Mr. Blackburn for all of the guidance and mentorship that he has provided over the years.

Our next hunt on the schedule will be in Harper Texas at the Hill Country Coonhunters Assoc. on Feb. 23 2019.

Boots whelped a litter of 10 puppies on Feb. 10th.  See the Puppies/Dogs for sale page!

Booger thinks he's brining the coon home with him.

​Booger won High Scoring B&T male and Best of Show male at the Texas State Youth Championship in Fayetville on June 10, 2017.  We couldn't get a cast win this time, but he did pick up his second Best of Show win.

Bailey was the Texas B&T Coonhunters Assoc. Queen of Show for 2019!  This was her first bench show and she did great.

Black and Tan Days 2017 was another great weekend!  We had some great hunts, made new friends, and got to see some old ones.  Here is Justin and Booger before the pup derby.

2018 has been a busy year and we haven't had much time to keep our website updated.  That doesn't mean we haven't kept the dogs in the woods though!