'PR' Justin's Midnight Boots

DOB:  11/08/2014

* Boots' sire (Ice) was the high scoring Black and Tan at the 2016 AKC World Hunt

        'PR' Let 'Er Rip
       'PR' Black River Reba
'PR' Justin's Midnight Boots
        NITECH 'PR' Rough Creek Easy Ace
  CH NITECH 'PR' Kaczmarek's Rough Creek Vicky
        NITECH CH 'PR' Rough Creek Smokin Spazz

Boots is an extremely good natured pup with lots of energy.  At 7 months old, she is running and treeing with older dogs.  She was given to Justin by Kenwood Maeker and is progressing very well.  We are excited about her potential.  This is her treeing her first turn-loose coon at 6 months old.

At  2 years old, we can say we like her a lot.  She hunts hard, is quick to strike, and is easy to handle.  We've started to single her out now.